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ZF series automatic straight seam welding machine is mainly used for cylindrical straight seam welding, and welding carbon steel and stainless steel sheet in 0.5 ~ 3mm thickness.

Leírás és Paraméterek

ZF series automatic straight seam welding machine consists of main components: frame, principal axis, running gear, pressed bodies, locking mechanism, welding torch and lifting device, wire feeder, operation box, air source treatment system, electrical control system. 1) Frame: divided base, cabinet, and beams, cantilever frame structure is designed to facilitate operation of sufficient strength and rigidity, to be as the skeleton and the carrier plane. Beams with blade, with spindle clamping the work piece on the copper pad, and remove heat evenly when welding. Knife-edge using keyboard-style pendulum structure, an internal air bag pressed, each knife-edge pressure evenly; copper knife-edge Crimping work piece to prevent work piece damage. 2) Principal axis: It is made from seamless steel tube structure, the copper pad on the above, sealed tank inside the copper pad, which pass argon gas and cooling water; shaft flange with slip-ping button below the screw can be to change the distance between spindle and copper knife-edge, to adapt to different thickness of work piece; principal axis are equipped with a flange-side end-positioning plate for positioning the work piece. 3) Running gear: The trolley is used to complete welding run in a straight line, it adopt imported DC servo motor, worm gear reducer, gear rack drive, with variable speed, so that make the torch run a smooth uniform movement in the high-precision linear , to ensure the welding quality. One trolley is equipped with a welding torch andadjust the lifting device. Lifting the gun and cylinder linear rail-oriented drivers. And it is also equipped with cross fine-tuning device for accurate adjustment of torch position. In addition, the control box fixed in the trolley and can move along with the trolley to facilitate the operation. 4) Locking devices: Locking device connect with principal axis and stents, to enhance the stiffness of the principal axis; at the same time, locking device is also equipped with proximity switches, the electrical interlock to enhance reliability. Figure 1: Schematic for cross-section 5) The wire feeder: In the welding process, it can automatic fill wire welding, wire feed head adopts dual-drive wire feeder, it has strong wire feeding ability, smooth; strong in guide wire device interchangeability, smooth wire feeding can meet the wire needs to fill a variety of processes. 6) clamping device:Knife-edge use of keyboard-style pendulum structure, an internal air bag pressed, the pressure evenly, copper knife-edge Crimping work piece to prevent work piece damage. (See Figure 1) 7) electric control system: Control by using the PLC programmable, main electronic components using imported products, pneumatic components from a joint venture company; the whole system compact structure, high degree of automation, security, and reliability.

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10 kg-ig :  1.450 Ft+Áfa
15 kg-ig :  1.670 Ft+Áfa
30 kg-ig :  2.500 Ft+Áfa

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