Portál Plazmavágógép ECKERT Sapphire 4000x12000

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Cikkszám: S0235
Elérhetőség: Gyártás alatt
Nowadays Eckert means:
A leading European manufacturer of CNC cutting machines for plasma, oxygen and waterjet cutting
Industry experience gained continuously since 1990
Worldwide over 1500 completed projects
Numerous patented proprietary solutions

Leírás és Paraméterek

Sapphire  cutting  machine  is  designed  to  work  in  the  most  dif  cult  production
conditions. It works perfectly in a 3-shift system, guaranteeing a smooth operation
with maximum productivity. It is de ned by a stable construction and a range of
technological solutions to ensure its failure-free work.
Sapphire as an optimized solution for the heavy industry is extremely popular at
machine builders, shipyards and all those who count on ef ciency and reliability.
Thanks to its wide range of applications (oxygen cutting, plasma cutting, plasma
marking and drilling), it is a universal tool capable to meet the highest expectations.
Working  in  more  than  400  industrial  plants  around  the  world,  Sapphire  cutting
machines con rm its highest quality every day.
Main features
High dynamics and precision in automated 3D cutting of metal sheets, pipes
and profiles
Cutting metal sheets up to 200 mm thickness
An extensive database of predefined cutting parameters
Possibility to increase the length of the work area
General technical data
Model Sapphire
Drives Servo AC
Available cutting width    4000 mm
Available working length  12000 mm
Positioning speed 25 000 mm/min
Cutting thickness
up to 200 mm for one oxy-fuel cutting
up to 100mm for two oxy-torches cutting on the same time
Cutting quality EN ISO 9013
Positioning accuracy      EN 28206
Repeat accuracy EN 28206
Safety module EN 13850
Wiring Diagram EN 81346
Working table height      740-760 mm
Ambient temperature      + 5 °C to 45 °C
Relative humidity max. 90% - without condensation

Technical data:
Power source Smart Focus 300
Mains load 3 x 400 V, 50 Hz
Connected load 79 kVA
Fuse, slow 125 A
Protection class IP 22
Open circuit voltage 400 V
Duty cycle 100 %
Cutting current 35–300A
Marking current 10–50A
Cutting range*
·     recommended
1 – 60 mm
·     maximum
80 mm
Max. piercing thickness 40 mm

Dimensions (L x W x H) 1030 x 680 x 1450 mm
Weight 488 kg

Quick-change torch PerCut 4000
Plasma gases O2, Ar/H2, N2, air
Marking gases Ar, N2
Swirl gases O2, N2, N2/H2 (F5), air

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Szállítási díjak
10 kg-ig :  1.450 Ft+Áfa
15 kg-ig :  1.670 Ft+Áfa
30 kg-ig :  2.500 Ft+Áfa

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